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COLOURS OF TEA CULTURE hibiscus herbal blend: a new tea collaboration by Colours of the Culture + LUCID tea 

a delicious + creative collaboration with Colours of the Culture, this limited edition herbal blend is inspired by a worldwide classic - hibiscus tea - also known as roselle in the caribbean, jamaica in the americas, zobo in nigeria + west africa, karkade in egypt + sudan. COLOURS is caffeine-free.

  • ingredients: hibiscus, pineapple, orange, black pepper, ginger, cardamom, clove, tulsi, gotu kola, licorice, marigold (calendula) 

Colours of the Culture is a label dedicated to providing culturally curated music, visuals, + experiences including works from label ambassador, NIKO IS and music producer + Creative Director, Thanks Joey. 

NIKO loves hibiscus. Joey loves chai. and to add elements of COLOURS (ROY G BIV), we chose an herb/spice/botanical element to correspond to each of the chakras to balance + harmonize.

hibiscus tea is served around the world + we are excited to present our interpretation, COLOURS OF TEA CULTURE, for your enjoyment.

get the tea here.

catch NIKO IS in a city near you as he joins Talib Kweli’s Radio Silence tour, and listen to ROY G BIV by Colours of the Culture + BRUTUS by NIKO IS (my two faves). new NIKO IS coming soon!

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