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#lucidteamood no. 4: sam’s myth // turmeric herbal blend

Posted by LUCID tea on

for the fourth #lucidteamood playlist, we gave sam’s myth some turmeric herbal blend, asked him to vibe out + make a playlist for march. we love sam, his taste in design + music, and so, of course, the playlist is perfect for springtime turmeric tea sippin’.

"...all tracks that came to me while drinking LUCID turmeric. it's basically the arc of the activity of energy in your body and then the subsequent mellowing out and opening up of space." 

sam's myth is a nashville-native designer, illustrator, and musician. he specializes in film poster design, album cover art, and children's illustration, and created the branding and designs for LUCID tea.

IG: @samsmyth

enjoy, friends!

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