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#lucidteamood playlist no. 6: NIKO IS // COLOURS OF TEA CULTURE

Posted by LUCID tea on

photo by @sk8boardt

for our sixth #lucidteamood mix, we asked NIKO IS to make a playlist for his own damn tea - COLOURS OF TEA CULTURE hibiscus herbal blend. the mix is as vibe-y + eclectic as NIKO himself. 


i discovered NIKO's tropicoolness through a tweet by talib kweli in...2014(?) - in which kweli instructed followers to listen to NIKO'S track Floss, and, obvz, i listened + i've kept the brazilian-born, orlando-raised rapper/chillosopher in my rotation ever since. 

i couldn't be happier to have used some of NIKO's instrumentals by Thanks Joey in early LUCID promo videos, and to collaborate on a tea for their artist collective Colours of the Culture was a dream project.

 << Colours of the Culture is a label dedicated to providing culturally curated music, visuals, + experiences including works from label ambassador, NIKO IS and music producer + Creative Director, Thanks Joey. >>

NIKO loves hibiscus. Joey loves chai. and to add elements of COLOURS (ROY G BIV), we chose an herb/spice/botanical element to correspond to each of the chakras to balance + harmonize. COLOURS OF TEA CULTURE hibiscus herbal blend is available at  and here.

NIKO IS tours nationally + internationally, and he is signed to talib kweli's javotti media. his new album UNIKO is coming soon + will not disappoint, my friends. until then, enjoy this playlist by NIKO. i'll be posting my NIKO IS faves playlist next week. <3 

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