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#lucidteamood playlist #5: marlo fisken // organic first flush matcha

Posted by LUCID tea on

photo by kenneth kao // pole ninja photography 


it's #matchamay! 

for the fifth #lucidteamood playlist, we gave one of my favorite humans, marlo fisken, some LUCID organic first flush matcha, asked her to vibe out + make a playlist for may. 

i love marlo. she is an incredible mover, inspiring instructor, and a funny, endearing weirdo. i love her so much that i have traveled nationally + internationally just to train with her + absorb her good vibes. because of the time i have spent with marlo, i know that she has great taste in music + she drinks matcha every day. so she was a perfect fit for the #matchamay playlist. this playlist was obviously thoughtfully composed - as it includes samples from many of my favorite artists + the vibe of the tracks match the feeling that matcha gives you when you drink it - vibrant, pulsating, life-giving, mood-boosting goodness. don't sleep on this. this is a gift. 


from left: natasha wang (also a goddess), lindsey rae (co-founder of LUCID), and marlo fisken. pole + movement retreat in the lush jungles of costa rica, 2015.


marlo fisken travels the world teaching humans how to play, dance, and tap into their flow. she lives in boulder, colorado and drinks matcha on the daily. you can learn more about marlo's work at 


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