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About LUCID Tea™️

 LUCID Tea was founded in 2016 by women+. We invite you to expand your palate, expand your mind, and expand your tea experience with our loose leaf, organic teas and signature blends. 

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LUCID Tea Core Values


As descendants of visual artists, musicians, poets, writers, gardeners, and makers, Creativity is not only intuitive, but imperative to the existence of LUCID Tea. It is our pleasure (and duty) to deliver our products in a way that inspires those who use them. We are proud to offer a compelling collection of tea and accessories that also look amazing in the space you create for your own tea experience. 



We believe in the power of expansiveness. Our offerings are designed to expand your palate, expand your mind, and expand your overall tea experience. Curiosity and cognitive agility make space for LUCID Tea to flourish and grow. We hope LUCID Tea makes space for growth and optimism in your day with every cup.



Tea is a great connector, and through sharing tea we hope to connect and contribute to community and interdependence. We strive to make meaningful contributions to communities which are the source of our products, as well as connecting and contributing to our local and larger online communities.