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about LUCID

About Lindsey

 Lindsey McAnally, co-owner and co-founder of LUCID Tea, began her tea career a decade ago with the Teavana corporation. Her journey took her across the United States and then to the United Arab Emirates where she helped launch Teavana’s middle eastern partnership with the M. H. Alshaya company. After over a year in Dubai and Abu Dhabi opening Teavana stores, she returned to the United States and began the early stages of planning for what would become LUCID Tea. In the spring of 2016 she journeyed to Japan and Sri Lanka where she worked with local growers to hand select the teas that LUCID would offer. Lindsey is a tea professional with a well defined palate, honed over ten years of tasting hundreds of teas as well as training under some of the best of the tea industry. Her passion for flavor and quality is woven into each of her deliberately sourced organic teas.


About LUCID Tea

 LUCID Tea was founded in 2016 to provide personally and deliberately sourced organic teas and blends in recycled and recyclable packaging. All of the teas are inspired by passion for transcendent tea and travel experiences and are manifested for maximum sensory indulgence. In addition to being hand selected and organic, all of the teas LUCID offers are cupped by industry professionals (including owner Lindsey McAnally) to assure quality and consistency.




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