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#lucidteamood playlist: sri lankan silver tips white tea

Posted by LUCID tea on

in the first #lucidteamood playlist, we attempt to convey the mood + experience of LUCID sri lankan silver tips white tea...while invoking the beauty of (my least favorite season tbh) high winter. 

press play to ease yourself into the day as you prepare your first cup of LUCID tea.

press play for midday meditation.

press play to reflect on the gifts the day has brought you as you prepare your final cup of LUCID tea for the day.

LUCID sri lankan silver tips white tea is organic + the lowest in caffeine (of our true teas/blends with actual tea leaves) + highest in antioxidants + is appropriate for most folks any time of day. 


  • mellow + round
  • making out with a cloud
  • affirmation + introspection
  • sound of falling snow
  • ethereal dreaminess

origin: central province of sri lanka


further exploration

 chakra: 7th/crown/sahasrara

oil: rosewood

stone: amethyst/diamond/rock crystal

incense: lotus/myrrh

affirmation: i trust my intuition + i seek to deepen my cosmic awareness


enjoy your LUCID tea experience. we hope our tea + playlist make this often difficult season softer, warmer, + creatively optimistic. <3 

(playlist contains a few explicit lyrics)


lindsey rae

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