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#lucidteamood no. 2

Posted by LUCID tea on

in the second #lucidteamood playlist, we continue the mood + experience of LUCID sri lankan silver tips white tea...with the added luxury of leisurely listening + sippin' on a snow day (in nashville, anyway). 

LUCID sri lankan silver tips white tea is organic + the lowest in caffeine (of our true teas/blends with actual tea leaves) + highest in antioxidants. in fact, white tea is often used in beauty products because of its antioxidant content. 


  • mellow + round
  • making out with a cloud
  • affirmation + introspection
  • sound of falling snow
  • ethereal dreaminess

origin: central province of sri lanka

stay warm. be warm. enjoy your reflection + your tea. 

(playlist contains a few explicit lyrics)


lindsey rae



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