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kocha - japanese black tea - organic first flush

$ 24.00

50g organic japanese black tea - known as kocha

This Japanese black tea is preternaturally smooth with virtually no astringency (a feat for any black tea with such a robust flavor). A natural sweetness provides the base for a strong, yet pleasant flavor that lasts through multiple infusions. Every sip is a delight to taste. Even those who do not normally enjoy black teas can fall in love with the complexity of this Kocha.

This tea is a must-have for black tea drinkers. Also, those who historically do not enjoy black tea should give this decadent leaf a chance.

notes from our friends who grow and produce this tea:

"Japanese Organic black tea organically cultivated in Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan, harvested by machine but made by hand with only the young leaves at the optimum timing in spring. The harvest, hands processing, and natural oxidation of the tea leaves are the important factors that ultimately give this particular organic black tea its fresh flowery aroma, soft rich taste, and beautiful color! Our tea farm is making High quality Organic Black tea from last 144 years."

ingredients: organic black tea

rare, dark, mysterious. smooth with floral and chocolate undertones. great for multiple infusions.

1 tsp / 8oz water / 195* F / steep 3 minutes

great for multiple infusions

50g = about 28 teaspoons of this tea