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japanese oolong

$ 24.00

50g japanese oolong, made in small batches for LUCID, limited quantity available

This Japanese Oolong has an exceptionally pure flavor. Immediately, the floral notes blossom into a robust, but not heavy, tone that fully engages the tastebuds. This transforms into a lingering buttery flavor that stays in the mouth well after finishing. Multiple steepings play with this flavor ratio, yet it always seems perfectly balanced, even on the fifth infusion.

This tea is the quintessential oolong, perfect for Ti-Kuan Yin enthusiasts. Exceptional for those who enjoy green teas and floral flavors as well.

notes from our friends who grow and produce this tea:

"A truly remarkable lightly oxidized Kamairi-style Japanese oolong tea grown organically in very limited amounts in Shizuoka by traditional pan-firing tea producing. Each year, only a very limited amount of this choice tea is produced during the first spring harvest with an extreme amount of care and attention to quality. The most notable and amazing aspect of this oolong is its extraordinary floral fragrance."

ingredients: oolong tea

light, floral, buttery

1 tsp / 8oz water / 175* F / steep 3 minutes

great for multiple infusions

50g = about 30 teaspoons of this tea