genmaicha - japanese green tea with brown rice + matcha

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50g genmaicha - japanese green tea with toasted brown rice + matcha

This is a fresh take on a traditional favorite. Everything that makes a perfect Genmaicha is present with the smooth, vegetal leaf balanced by the nutty tones and warmth of toasted rice. A dusting of high grade matcha adds a new dimension of natural sweetness. The finish is long and earthy, lingering sweetly on the tongue. The simple combination of ingredients produces a perfectly complex flavor that is a delight with every infusion.

This tea is best for those who appreciate a complex green tea flavor and want a change from their normal Gyokuro, Sencha, or Matcha.


ingredients: high quality Sencha (1st harvest plucked leaf ), genmai (toasted rice), and Matcha.


bright, grassy, toasty

1 tsp / 8oz water / 175* F / steep 1-2 minutes

50g = about 19 teaspoons of this tea